Paolo Martorano

Paolo has been in the menswear business for the better part of the past decade. He first cut his teeth in the business with designer and author Alan Flusser. In 2010 he joined Paul Stuart and assisted in the creation of Paul Stuart Custom, their first bespoke offering. One of his first tasks was to grow their Made to Measure business. Paolo trained 10 sales people and every new hire in how to sell and deliver MTM clothing. His next task was to oversee their large MTM shirt program. He added a bespoke shirt offering and converted clients to a new maker that delivered shirts faster, with better quality control. In 7 years at Paul Stuart, the MTM and Bespoke business quadrupled. In 2017, Paolo went to run Alfred Dunhill's bespoke business for North America. After traveling all over Europe for the company, he decided he needed to take advantage of the exploding market for high-end MTM and Bespoke clothing himself.  In October 2017, he launched into his own business.