Garment Care

A bespoke garment is a living object. Dozens of hours of work have gone into making a jacket and trouser. While we are a younger firm, our clothes are made the same way as tailors in England or Europe. That means that they are going to last for many years. Many men already know to avoid Dry-Cleaning as much as possible, as the chemicals can damage natural fibers. Pressing a jacket or trouser incorrectly can also create issue with fit. When they are first made, much time is dedicated to pressing shape into them. So much of the garment is sewn by hand and that is a skill that you won’t find at a Dry-Cleaner.

Allow us to care for your wardrobe

We strongly suggest having us care for your garment because we created it. We offer:

-Sponge and Press Service

-Dry Cleaning (tailored clothing)

-Shirt Laundry with hand pressing

-Mending (moth holes, pulls, etc)

These services are only for customers with Paolo Martorano Bespoke or Made-to-Measure garments. Please contact us for more information,