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A shirt truly designed for any man is the ultimate luxury, no matter what his lifestyle or career.

  • Paper pattern is created from measurements taken by hand. All future changes are made to that paper. 

  • Included in that pattern are custom shapers for pockets, plackets, cuffs, collars and other original details.

  • Shirts are cut by hand with a blade - not a laser!

  • Fit is based on a conversation with a customer on their activities and needs. 

  • No limit to collar designs - The collar is a frame to your face, so it needs to be as special as you are. We first recommend what will flatter you best and design something you will feel attractive and comfortable in.

  • Sample shirt is always required. A white shirt is made in 3 weeks after the order is taken. Once fit is approved, balance of order is delivered in 4-5 weeks.

  • Reorders take approximately 6 weeks for delivery. 

  • Hand cut and sewn in Manhattan.


The gateway to individuality is the custom made shirt.  Ten measurements are taken and a wide selection of collar and cuff choices are available. Our MTM shirt rivals even what some luxury brands consider to be bespoke. At our opening price, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better value for an American Made shirt. 

  • Ten Measurements are taken. No stock sizes or templates used.

  • Over 20 collar styles and 10 cuff styles

  • Over 500 swatches stocked at our manufacturer.

  • Delivery in 2-5 weeks (depending on complexity of order)

  • Rush program available most of the year.

  • Sample shirt offered and recommended.

  • Made in New York Metro Area.

Painstaking Pattern Matching and Hand-Sewn Monograms

Painstaking Pattern Matching and Hand-Sewn Monograms