“The bespoke difference is that Paolo has set out to make full bespoke - so full pattern development and handwork - in the same vein as the Europeans.”

-Simon Crompton (Permanent Style, 2019)

Bespoke - "The customer is the foundation"

Paolo Martorano Bespoke represents the highest level of custom tailoring to be found in the United States. It is uniquely informed by the time-honored traditions of sartorial craftsmanship.

Clearly, Paolo Martorano Bespoke is tailored clothing for men taken seriously. 


Custom Tailoring- No Block Patterns. An Individual Pattern for every client.

Each Paolo Martorano Bespoke garment features a hand padded chest, collar, and lapel to assure it holds its shape over a lifetime. All trimmings, such as cotton domette, horsehair chest canvas, and Irish linen collars, are exclusively sourced from the United Kingdom.

Our bespoke service affords clients an exceptional level of expert guidance regarding the specific shape, silhouette, and structure of the tailored garment.  Every piece is crafted to best incorporate his unique needs and preferences, be appropriate to his lifestyle, and most importantly, complimentary to his appearance.

We believe the best way to achieve this, is to start with a conversation.

Once we understand the aspirations and expectations of the client, the fabric options are discussed and a cloth selected.  We then begin the meticulous measurement process that will create an individual paper pattern.

At Paolo Martorano Bespoke, there is no specific house template upon which all garments are based.  Neapolitan philosophy and practice dictate that a truly custom-made garment is not adapted from a model or collection; instead it is developed from the body of the client.  We offer guidance on what proportions, colors and other details will provide the most flattering outcome.

The magic is in the make; each garment is informed by a basted fitting with neither pockets nor seams finished, every jacket collar and lapel is joined by hand, and the pockets and lining are hand sewn as well.

It is recommended that — for a first garment — we see the client for two or three fittings.  Once an established paper pattern has been perfected, the process can reliably be streamlined to provide an initial fitting that is largely complete for all subsequent garments.  Regarding trousers, our level of precision typically means that after crafting an initial pair, all trousers can ship directly to the client, without any need for additional appointments.

We are also pleased to offer an exclusive BENCH-MADE service for those enthusiasts interested in savoring the most traditional of one-on-one bespoke experiences.  In practice of the highest expression of the tailor’s art, our master coat maker will construct the entire garment, from first cut through finish, in its entirety, wholly by his own hand.