Bespoke - "The customer is the foundation"

This service is for the client who wants to be guided in what shape of clothes will flatter him and make him be taken seriously. There is no specific model that all garments are created from. Following the Neapolitan philosophy, a truly custom-made garment is not built from a model or collection but from the body of the client.  He will be guided on what proportions, colors and other details flatter him. Not every body type is flattered by a single silhouette. There is flexibility is having a shoulder softer or stronger, subtle roping (if you know what that is, we can make it for you).

The Process 

A paper pattern is created for every customer. It is recommended that there is a basted fitting for the first garment that is ordered. About 4 weeks after the client is measured and cloth is selected, a the basted fitting is ready. At this stage the garment is put together in a manner that make it easy to recut and refit. The lapel, pockets, and other parts of the jacket are not yet constructed. This will allow the tailors to make major adjustments to the client's pattern if necessary. Approximately 4 weeks later the garment is now nearly finished minus the buttonholes. After this fitting, any minor alterations will be completed and the hand-sewn buttonholes are made.  

House Style

Details and Craftsmanship