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“A superior tailor is part psychologist and part cosmetic surgeon. He must understand the image we have of ourselves in our minds and try to translate that into a cloth garment.

What first made me think that Paolo Martorano just might be a tailor of particular interest was that he listens. This might not mean much to those of you who aren’t familiar with the domain and idiosyncrasies of bespoke menswear, but for aficionados, communication is half the battle.”

— G. Bruce Boyer
The Robb Report

A Distinctly American Approach

Paolo Martorano represents a new tradition in fine tailoring — combining the highest standards of the artisanal tradition with an eye for contemporary style.

Since opening our doors, it has been our intent to celebrate the ideology of the Bespoke practice while bringing a fresh perspective to the process. We create an exceptionally sophisticated garment that delivers on the expectation of excellence that defines our clientele.