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The Trouser

Our trouser is easily one of the finest examples of custom pant-making to be found in the United States.

Like our jackets, the hand-crafted process for our trousers begins with a custom pattern cut from durable paper stock.

Once cut, the trouser is basted by hand before the side seams are machine-sewn to impart the optimum strength required in a pant. Only then are the trousers given six hours of manual pressing, to lock the construction into place.

The entire process employs a team of six: pattern maker, cutter, two operators to baste and two finishers to press and complete the operation. It’s a lot of work, but ensures the next pair you order will be a perfect replica – and all you’ll need do is select the cloth.

The entire process requires the involvement of a dedicated pattern maker, cutter, two operators to baste, and two finishers to complete the operation by hand.

However, the process of ordering additional trousers — with the trouser pattern on file — is simply a matter of the client selecting cloth.

Trousers, from $2200
Jeans, from $1800

The Shirt

Our custom shirt is the highest expression of the shirt-makers craft.

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