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We believe we’ve devised a made-to-measure offering that stands above the rest

Unlike the commonly available commercial mass market made-to-measure garments — whose primary virtue is quick delivery — our goal has been to create a better, more elevated m-t-m experience. 

Realizing a benchmark of style and quality 

Our made-to-measure garment -- dare we say it, by design -- closely replicates our bespoke look, featuring our signature blend of American and English tailoring, which highlights a natural shoulder, slightly roped sleeve, and high armhole. Our made-to-measure process is engineered to deliver a finished garment in approximately 8 weeks, in contrast to the multiple fittings and several months’ timeline typically required by the bespoke process. And it is with great pleasure that we offer our m-t-m client access to almost the entirety of the nearly 6,000 swatches that comprise our existing fabric assortment.

If not bespoke, then the next best alternative 

We offer a garment that provides what we believe is the highest quality made-to-measure experience available, without compromising the habitually rigorous attention to style, fit, and quality that is the hallmark of Paolo Martorano Bespoke. 

A truly exceptional tailoring experience available at an agreeably accessible price

PM Made-to-Measure is priced to afford access to our aspirational clients eager to transition from ready-to-wear. Suits begin at $4,500 — opposed to the approximately $7,500 opening cost of our bespoke garments.

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