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We believe we’ve devised a made-to-measure offering that stands above the rest

Unlike the commonly available commercial mass market made-to-measure garments — whose primary virtue is quick delivery — our goal has been to create a better, more elevated m-t-m experience. 

Realizing a benchmark of style and quality 

Our made-to-measure garment -- dare we say it, by design -- closely replicates our bespoke look, featuring our signature blend of American and English tailoring, which highlights a natural shoulder, slightly roped sleeve, and high armhole. Our made-to-measure process is engineered to deliver a finished garment in approximately 8 weeks, in contrast to the multiple fittings and several months’ timeline typically required by the bespoke process. And it is with great pleasure that we offer our m-t-m client access to almost the entirety of the nearly 6,000 swatches that comprise our existing fabric assortment.

If not bespoke, then the next best alternative 

We offer a garment that provides what we believe is the highest quality made-to-measure experience available, without compromising the habitually rigorous attention to style, fit, and quality that is the hallmark of Paolo Martorano Bespoke. 

A truly exceptional tailoring experience available at an agreeably accessible price

PM Made-to-Measure is priced to afford access to our aspirational clients eager to transition from ready-to-wear. Suits begin at $4,500 — opposed to the approximately $7,500 opening cost of our bespoke garments.

We are is pleased to announce our very first co-branding association.

100 Hands – which Simon Crompton of Permanent Style has rereferred to as “perhaps the finest shirt in the world” — is now available, under the dual label ‘100 Hands for Paolo Martorano Bespoke’.

This affiliation will present a comprehensive assortment of exceptional fabrics with an extensive array of models and options available, and is designed to offer our clients a made-to-measure option for shirts.

With headquarters in the Netherlands, 100 Hands has, since 2014, crafted shirts in their factory in Armitsar, India where, for six generations, a family operated spinning business maintained what was originally simply a sideline in bespoke shirts.

The quality of the 100 Hands product has been readily apparent from the very beginning, and the international response to 100 Hands has been singularly positive.

From The New York Times:

Master tailors at 100 Hands spend up to 35 hours on each shirt, joining a tradition long dominated by European centers like Savile Row. Simon Crompton, who writes about classic tailoring for the Permanent Style website, said that what makes 100 Hands unique is the amount of handwork that goes into each shirt.

“Handmade shirt skills have died out in North Italy, France and the U.K.,” he said. “There is still some hand-sewing in Naples, but the vast majority is not at the same level as 100 Hands.”’

Pricing for the 100 Hands for Paolo Martorano Bespoke begins at $450, 100% Handmade Gold Line begins at $650


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