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Permanent Style: March 2023

This bespoke jacket was made for me by Paolo Martorano, the tailor in New York I first covered in 2020. It’s particularly significant because of the dearth of bespoke tailors in the US. Although many tailors travel to the US from the UK and Europe, and some now also have...

The Robb Report: March 2023

With made-to-measure and bespoke tailors crafting everything from pajama sets to safari jackets for the modern man, it would follow that raincoats should feature in their repertoire. But custom-made rainwear remains a rarity, a seeming oversight considering the difficulty of altering traditional raincoats.Unlike woolen overcoats, whose sleeve lengths can be...

The Financial Times Journal: February 2023

Clothing warms, protects, decorates and communicates (though almost never in that order). It performs these overt functions for both sexes in more or less equal measure. The covert functions — concealing, camouflaging, diverting — are more often discussed in the context of women’s clothes.This is because we still live in...

NetJets: October 2022


Robb Report: October 2022

The Robb Report : August 2022

The Wall Street Journal: June 9, 2022


The Wall Street Journal: May 2022

Step Aside, Bankers: How Artists Changed the Suiting Game Tailoring might be increasingly rare in your office these days, but creative types are wearing suits with confidence and personality. Why you might want to emulate their unconventional approach. Though it may seem counterintuitive, suits owe a big thank you to increasingly...

Robb Report: March 2022

What first made me think that Paolo Martorano just might be a tailor of particular interest was that he listens. This might not mean much to those of you who aren’t familiar with the domain and idiosyncrasies of bespoke menswear, but for aficionados, communication is half the battle of getting...