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The Jacket

This process is exemplified by the jacket. Each of our jackets, whether for a classic business suit or as a more casual, unconstructed sport jacket, is borne of three generations of the Martorano family legacy as fine Bespoke craftsmen.

The Paolo Martorano Bespoke jacket announces a distinctly formal air, without sacrificing ease and comfort.

The armhole is cut high, but balanced by a full sleeve designed to afford maximum range of motion. The natural shoulder requires light padding, and the gentle “rope” at the top of the sleeve-head is a signature of our house style.

However, since the Bespoke process is invariably a collaboration, any specific adjustment is possible; evidence of our commitment to the importance of the individual client’s preferences.

Our Silhouette

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No matter the style, our jackets will always be sewn by hand. The collar, chest and lapels are padded by hand.

Wool Body Canvas blended with Mohair, firm Irish Collar Linen, 100% horsehair and firm 100% cotton domette are combined to create a properly structured silhouette. 

Suits, from $7500
Jackets, from $5200
Overcoats, from $7500

Our Style and Craft

We regard every commission as a unique project where every discrete element – from adding a hand sewn French-faced lining to crowning a Vicuna overcoat with a silk velvet collar – renders each garment as the only one of its kind. But there is something common to every Paolo Martorano piece: the skill, artisanship and dedication of our tailoring staff.

The Trouser

The hand-crafted process begins — as does each of our jackets — with a hard paper pattern.

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