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Robb Report: April 2020

Given the current global crisis, shopping for anything beyond the essentials can feel like an indulgence. What’s the good in a new sweater when first-responders can’t even get masks? But shopping—one of the few things to be done in the (hopefully cozy) confines of one’s home quarantine—can actually do a great deal of good right now.

Based on recent reports, it’s estimated that the fashion industry employs over 300 million people across the globe. From textiles mills to seamstresses, manufacturers to retailers, there are a lot of people who make a living off of what we wear. As Covid-19 has forced a majority of production to pause, the effects are rippling through fashion’s supply chain. It’s an especially precarious situation for smaller, independent brands who don’t have the security of a corporation to fall back on. But even at this challenging time, many niche brands are rising to the occasion, finding novel ways to serve their customers and keep employees on the payroll. Some are even giving back to those people in even greater need.

With brick-and-mortar retail on hold, these brands are counting on online sales to help them weather the storm. Trivial as it may seem, ordering that sweater just might ease some of the damage Covid-19 has wreaked. There are more small businesses to support than we could possibly list here but, to help you do some benevolent shopping, here are 32 of Robb Report’s favorite indie brands currently open for business online.

Paolo Martorano Bespoke
Martorano is a young tailor with an old soul who exclusively deals in bespoke tailoring—an especially difficult service to provide at the moment. Evolving to the circumstances, he’s offering customers the opportunity to purchase gift cards, at 15 percent off, that will pre-pay for future garments. To boot: 15 percent of the proceeds will be donated to Island Harvest, a non-profit providing meals to the elderly and at-risk.

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