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Introducing 100 Hands for Paolo Martorano Bespoke

Paolo Martorano Bespoke is pleased to announce its first co-branding association.

100 Hands – which Simon Crompton of Permanent Style has rereferred to as “perhaps the finest shirt in the world” — is now available, under the dual label ‘100 Hands for Paolo Martorano Bespoke’.

This affiliation will present a comprehensive assortment of exceptional fabrics with an extensive array of models and options available.

With headquarters in the Netherlands, 100 Hands has, since 2014, crafted shirts in their factory in Armitsar, India where, for six generations, a family operated spinning business  maintained what was originally simply a sideline in bespoke shirts.

From the 100 Hands website, owner Akshat, who developed the business with partner Varvara, maintains a maxim “The only constant is Craftsmanship.” It is a tenet which informs every aspect of the operation.


Akshat describes his initial move into more extensive shirt making:

“I was working as an Investment Banker in Amsterdam. Nurtured in a family with a textile heritage spanning across 164 years. I must admit that the only thing, other than finance, that I understood well was yarns and fabrics. As a family we had an atelier of 5 most exceptional tailors which became the foundation of this amazing journey of making bespoke shirts. Our vision is to create a new standard of quality for the industry and we defend the idea that the excellence in a product comes from the craftsmanship — not from the country of origin.”

The quality of the 100 Hands product has been readily apparent from the very beginning, and the international response to 100 Hands has been singularly positive.


Paolo finds the budding connection with Akshat to be as symbiotic as it is strategic:

“When I first conceived the notion of opening my own bespoke clothing business, my ambition was to create the most perfect garment possible — a goal I still strive to achieve and always will do. It is a commitment that I recognize in what Akshat  and Varvara have so absolutely, brilliantly, achieved. If God is in the details, then the entire pantheon of deities which populate Mount Olympus and Asgard combined find representation in 100 Hands.”


Pricing for the 100 Hands for Paolo Martorano Bespoke shirts will run from $350 to about $500. The existing Paolo Martorano Bespoke shirt, which is made in Manhattan, starts at approximately $600.


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