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Knowledge is Style: In Celebration of the Lap Seam

Let’s take a moment to consider the subtle and sublime appeal of the Lap Seam.


Like many of the more esoteric details of bespoke tailoring, the Lap Seam has something of a cult following, members of which, once converted, embrace yet another reason to bolster their trouser wardrobe (never a bad idea).

Our affection for the Lap Seam — beyond a natural inclination toward those myriad small flourishes of sartorial tailoring —  finds its genesis in those rare handmade details that no machine is capable of credibly reproducing.  It’s become all too common for the most advanced factories to try to copy even the most obscure hand details, yet the Lap Seam stubbornly — no, virtuously— refuses to be imitated. 


Paolo himself sums up the appeal succinctly: 


“When you consider hand-tailored trousers, the Lap Seam is the very definition of refined detailing; largely because, unlike a jacket, there are really just so few ways a trouser can stand out as being bespoke or handmade.” 


A proper Lap Seam is created by rolling the side seam of the trouser to create a lip. This lip is then sewn over with a thick Silk-Twist thread (the same thread which, incidentally, is used for our handmade buttonholes) consisting of two 100% silk threads dipped in bees’ wax and twisted together. Each hand-stitch is less than one centimeter apart. The true aficionado is more than a bit enamored of this detail, and can discern between an authentic Lap Seam and a pale imitation.


To which we can only offer a sincere “huzzah”.


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