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The Paolo Martorano Bespoke Town and Country Jacket: The Liberated Alternative to Proper Tailored Clothing (that is still proper tailored clothing)


The wearying hunt for an alternative to the tailored jacket has been having “a (wearying) moment” for the last few years.

Still, the notion of donning a “chore” jacket to do something other than, say, gardening, that should be a pleasure and not an actual chore (gallery visit, theatre opening, smart restaurant meal, modern office meeting) is an inherent oxymoron.

And a warm up jacket is meant for a trip to or from the gym only (unless you are 12 with a neato plan to get on your Huffy and escape the cul de sac to have adventures with a pack o’ pals).

The truth is that (very) few and far between are the gents who look authentic in field jackets, horsey barn jackets and – for the love of all that is holy – safari jackets. And even rarer are we presented an authentic opportunity to wear such garments in the sort of settings for which they are intended (date night is not, typically, an expedition to the ends of the earth).

So, Paolo Martorano Bespoke has cultivated the ideal solution for those times when you’re leaning into the weekend and want something a mite more casual — but still steadfastly stylish and irrefutably grownup.

We’ve perfected that elusive “other option” (and admit it, you hoped that we would) with our completely — skillfully — unconstructed made-to-measure sport-jacket. Eased, yet replete with the silhouette and carriage to echo the bespoke wardrobe you’ve so judiciously fostered.

It is, admittedly, something of a sartorial unicorn.

Soft, but expertly shaped, it has no lining, no canvas, no shoulder pads.

And it’s exquisitely comfortable without sacrificing its sophisticated authority — even when made up in the most casual of cloths; think linen and seersucker in the summer and corduroy and tweeds in the winter.

So the liberated alternative to your proper tailored clothing has — at long last — arrived.
The Paolo Martorano Bespoke Town and Country Jacket.

What could be easier?

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